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AP Chemistry Question help?

I'm taking AP chem this upcoming year but am having a little trouble with my summer assignmentCould you tell me if I did this right or if not, show me how to? Thank you!Calculate the mass of 1.00ft^3 of gold metal.In my textbook it said the density of gold is 19.32g/cm^3So I converted the volume of 1.00ft^3 into cm^3.(1.00ft^3) (12in^3/ 1ft^3) (2.54cm^3 / 1in^3) 30.48 cm^3I then took the new volume and the given density and used the formula d m/vdm/v or m vd m (19.32g/cm^3) (30.48cm^3)m 588.87 g


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