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Are Root Canals as bad as everyone says?

I have an appointment today to get a Root Canal done and I am 50-50 on how it’s going to feel.. Novacane doesn’t do TOO much for me so I asked the Dr if I could take a Vicodin before the visit and he said that’s fine as long as someone drives me home.Am I overreacting? Or should I be this worried? I have a bad feeling that this is going to be like the most painful experience for an hour and a half straight. I know different people handle pain differently. I’m not a complete wuss but I’m also not a big fan of pain either.. I have a lot of tattoos but I don’t LIKE the way it feels!! If anyone has gone through this I’d love to hear your opinion, maybe you can calm me down just a bit before I throw up from being so nervous!Thank you,Dom.


Wow. Good luck. I would really encourage you not to spend a ton of extra $ on stuff that's only going to be worn for a few week. Buy a size bigger and use a safety pin at the waist.
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