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Will lightning strike something that I lobbed into the air?

Lets say I threw a metal rod above me in an open field (don't worry, I'm not stupid enough to try this). Could lightning strike that metal rod?


Depending on what router you own, there are several options for logging to see what computers are doing. You could also check the DHCP table to see what computers have acquired an address from the router.
Interesting Question but I don't think so.
gosh that's a good one..i don't know either but if he could he would have to know what sire your on, i would think..i say tho he shouldn't be able too..
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if the internet connection owner has a wireless access point and if you are connected to it, the owner can obtain your IP address or MAC Address. also the owner can control your internet like blocking your IP or MAC address from accessing the internet or local network. Depending on the access point model, the owner may be also able to restrict your internet access like blocking access to certain sites. Also if you do not have a proper firewall set up, people connected to the same wireless access point may access your data and files on your computer. If you are using Windows, make sure Windows firewall is on. If using Linux activate IP Tables service to enable the firewall. However they can't track which sites you are accessing and what you are doing on the internet. you wouldn't need to worry about that part. However if someone has a certain software installed on your computer (in this case your brother) they can see everything you are doing. so log into your computer as a admin user (if you are already not one) and make sure there are no fishy software that you didn't install.

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