Are these right?.?

3. The suspension system mounts the cars wheels solid on the frame. True or false? False12. A single, one-piece drive shaft rotates the drive wheels on most front-wheel drive cars. True or false? False13. A REAR __wheel__ __drive__ ASSEMBLY CONTAINS A SOLID SET OF DRIVE __gears__ AND __axles__.


nr.3-it is true nr12-false,there is no one piece driveshaft nr13-true and false
ALMOST ant dealer can di this, When I was in Houston, HUNZIKER CYCLES in Spring Branch was a Suzuki/Yamaha dealer. But I moved in '88.
Any motorcycle shop, you can buy new tires there, have it mounted, and have it balanced. riding 50 yrs
Apart from last both are false.
1)false and true because it holds it securely and solidly to the frame but allows flex 2)false answer is right 3) true answer is right

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