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Auto repair help!!! Anyone know how to replace lower ball joint and axles on a 94 Honda Civic???

Ok, here‘s whats going on.My sister‘s boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) WAS replacing the axles and lower ball joints on her ‘94 Civic. Half way through, he stops. Now the car sits in the garage on jacks. She needs her car and is a little short on cash, so hiring a mechanic to come over is almost not an option. So, I volunteered to try to fix the car.We have all the parts and tools necessary, here at the house. I am ‘mechanically savvy‘ however I wasn‘t watching him when he started taking everything off, so I can‘t reverse the process to get everything back on. Can anyone explain to me how to get these parts back on, or at least know a website that can give me detailed help?Current situation:passenger side axle is off, and the new one is in the rotor, but not in the transmission. Driver side axle still needs to come out and new one put in.We bought new lower ball joints and they need to be put in too.What looks like control arms lay undisturbed on the floor as well.


Remove the axle nut on other Axel.hopefully axle will slide out of hub,sometimes they need controlled force. Pop the other Axel out of the trans. with Lg. screwdriver(LG2or3foot long) Insert axles into trans carefully as not to break Axel seal. Wiggle to align splines and tap home with block and hammer. Pull struts far enough to insert axles into hubs. Remove rubber boots on old BJ's. Large snap ring comes off, old BJ is hammered with Lg deep socket or pressed out. Lube new BJ and reverse operation. For BJ,s they go in easy. Install new snap ring. Why the control arms are off the car I can't say. But if you have a repair book they shouldn't be to hard to get back on . The whole job is not that hard. Try it or take it to the pro's.
May 28, 2018
It's pretty straightforward - but I would suggest either picking up a manual for it, or search online for instructions - there are tons of sites with pictures and everything. It's 1 million times easier if you are the one that took it apart, but unfortunately homeboy screwed the pooch on that one. It can really only go together one way - so it should be hard to mess up (though in my experience - anything can be messed up).
May 28, 2018

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