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Axle seals/bearings in a Ford 9.?

I have a 1980 Mustang Cobra. All I know is that it has a 9 rear end (stock was 8.8), and the rear wheels are setup for 5 lug now, not 4. The axle seal is leaking on the brakes, so it needs to be changed. How do I go about changing the seal? I have heard to just unbolt the axle, and slide out and I have also heard the yoke needs to be removed. Which is it? Does anyone have a write up or pictures on how to do this?Sorry I am complete beginner on rear ends!


On a 9 Ford diff the axle is not retained by an internal clip. You need to remove the brakes to get to the bearing plate behind the axle flange, it is held on by 4 bolts. Remove these and you can pull the axle out of the tube ( can be very hard pull to remove). The axle will come out and you will see the bearing and seal mounted on the axle and a retainer ring. You will need a press and the proper puller plates to press the retainer off the axle to remove the bearing and seal. You then install new seal and everything goes on in reverse order. If you do not have the proper tools take it to a garage and have it done.
May 28, 2018
you remove the wheel, and the drum until you are up to the axle. you then remove the cover of the rear end mound at the middle and remove either a half moon wedge or a clip. Then you remove the axle from the rear end. Take off the bearing from the axle and replace the new seal. Clean up everything with brake cleaner. If the brake shoes are needed replace them. But replace on both wheels. Reinstall in reverse order and don't forget to put new grease on the bearing.
May 28, 2018
You better get a CHILTONS manual or you will be in big trouble
May 28, 2018

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