axle swaps?

Ok so I need to know.what is the biggest front and rear axle set ups I can put on a 1998 chevy k1500 shortbed extended cab.I will be putting a detroit locker in the back and either a detroit trutrack or an eaton e locker in the front.I just need to know what will fit with minimal to no work on the frame.brand and model would be much appreciated and also if you could tell me where I could buy brand new ones I dont want used or remans I want newso yeah just tell me where to look and what to look for and ill take care of the rest thanks(also theyve gotta be tough so if theres a dispute on big vs strong ill take the stronger one please)


My son is running a Dana 44 under the front of his K10. It was a drop in from factory. His is putting a Chevy 3/4 under the rear. He has a Dana 60 under the front of his 1 ton and a Dana 70 HD under the rear. The only problem you could have should be U-Bolts if the axle bodies are different sizes. He did put longer springs on the front of the 1 ton, so he just drilled new holes for the rear of the longer springs and welded up the old holes when he boxed the frame. Without changing spring lengths, you don't have to do anything to the frame.
May 28, 2018
You need to decide what you want.minimal work, or new. For the rear, buying a new 14SF or 14FF from GM, if available, is easily going to be $1000+. A used one, which won't break, is going to cost you $300. You can probably find Ford 9 or similar aftermarket, new, but those aren't going to be cheap, and are probably not a bolt in. Then you deal with u-joint incompatability, driveshaft length changes, etc. Front, the only way to get some real strength under there is to do a solid axle swap, and a Dana 60 is the ONLY option for a strong front axle. The 10 bolt and Dana 44 are both weak sauce.
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

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