Benefits of carpeting

What are the benefits of carpeting? What about people who hate carpets? What kind of carpet is suitable for what kind of room?


Good comfortable foot feeling: the comfortable foot feeling when walking on the carpet is unmatched by other ground materials. Sound insulation effect: carpet has excellent sound absorption effect. It can absorb noise and reduce noise level. With its tight and breathable structure, the carpet can absorb and isolate sound waves and has good sound insulation effect. Improve air quality: carpet surface fluff can capture and absorb dust particles floating in the air, effectively improving indoor air quality. Hand woven carpet is made up of thousands of nodes by hand. There are gaps in each node and each node, and dirty things will leak from the gaps. If the floor is paved, there will be floating dust if it is not cleaned all day. The carpet surface of the carpet is a dense pile structure, which can lock the dust in the air. When you turn on the air conditioner and electric fan, the floating objects will not float and circulate in the air again. Thermal insulation and barrier function: the thermal insulation and barrier function of the carpet will make the room block the cool feeling from the ground in winter; When the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the indoor low temperature is not easy to lose through the ground. Carpet safety: carpet is a kind of soft paving material, which is different from hard floor paving materials such as marble and ceramic tiles. It is not easy to slip and bump. It is recommended to lay block carpet or full carpet if there are children and the elderly at home. Artistic beautification effect: the carpet has rich patterns, gorgeous colors and diversified shapes, which can beautify your decorative environment and reflect your personality. No poison: the carpet does not have radiation and does not emit harmful gases such as formaldehyde, so as to meet various environmental protection requirements.
1. Thermal insulation and heat conduction can block the coolness from the ground in winter and maintain the comfort of indoor temperature. In summer, it can prevent hot air from pouring into the room and keep the room cool. 2. The carpet has the function of balancing the indoor temperature. In winter, the carpet can block the cool feeling from the ground and increase the warmth and comfort of the room; When the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the insulation and barrier function of the carpet will make it difficult for the low temperature in the room to flow out through the ground. 3. Easy to replace, just remove the old carpet and lay the newly purchased carpet. It's really convenient and fast, but the replacement of wooden floor is not so easy. 4. Shock absorption comfort stepping on the soft and elastic carpet will feel relaxed and comfortable, reduce fatigue, and avoid the tremor caused by frequent collision between hard ground and sole. 5. Clean and dustproof because the carpet surface of the carpet is a dense pile structure, the dust falling from the air is absorbed by the carpet pile, which prevents the dust from escaping, relatively reduces the dust content in the air and keeps the indoor air clean.

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