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best axle for my truck???? chevy?

i have a 1984 chevrolet scottsdale and it has the stock 10 bolt rear end with 8.5 and i have a 6 inch lift on it and 35 inch tires i want to change out the rear axle but not sure what to get because i have the dana 44 in the front so what would be the best 1 ton or 3/4 ton axle for it could i leave the front axle a 1/2 ton and the rear a 1 or 3/4 ton? i do not really want to go full floater either wanting to buy at local junk yard give me some ideas and i my buddy told me ihave to get the same gearing or i will mess my truck up.thanks


Dudehow many times you gonna post the same question? GET A 14 BOLT, FULL OR SEMI FLOAT. They came in Millions of GM trucks shouldn't cost more than $200 from a junkyard. A half ton axle usually had 6 lug studs, a 3/4 1 ton has 8 studs. What wheels do you have? YES, you need to get a axle with the same gear ratio as the front! So why exactly do you want to change the rear axle?? If you are off roading it, just pound it 'til it breaks. If you are not abusing it, there is no real reason to change axles, as there is nothing wrong with a rear 10 bolt for the street. Also, it sounds like you need to do some more research on this stuff. There is a lot more maintanance on a lifted truck with 35's : U-joints especially. It gets real expensive if you plan on using it off road have to pay to fix it if it breaks.
May 28, 2018
you can switch the front to 8 lug. find an 8 lug axle from a junkyard( same as yours) get the hub/rotor assemblys, spindles and backing plates. put them on yours and you have 8 lug.
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

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