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Best Gasket Material for HHO dry cell?

i am making HHO dry cell and i need to know what gasket material to use. gasket material for WATER. At AutoZoner this are the materials rubber and cellulose, cork and rubber, compressed ceramic fiber custom exhaust gasket material, Karropak, Pro-Ramic.At O'Reilly Auto Parts i find those plus Rubber Fiber, Rubber-Fiber Anti-Stick, Exhaust Gasket material, Mtrl, comp gskt, Compressed Gasket material.AND IT WANT LEAK!


The steering wheel locks are strong but all you have to do is cut the wheel itself and remove the lock. A better bet is a brake pedal lock. These hook under the dash and push down against the brake pedal preventing the car from being moved. If it's a standard transmission you can use it on the clutch pedal or the brake either one. Many auto parts stores carry them.
if it is not a detector plugged into your electrical outlet, then the battery is going low..change your battery or die!!! if it continues, depending on the type of detector, it may have a bad senser. DO NOT BE WITHOUT YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR.

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