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Bike clothes question! Pleassee! Thanks!..?

I KNOW its like WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT!! type of thing, but I just wanted to know anyway,For mountain biking: Do people generally wear bike shorts (not baggies) and capri tights? What about tights?For road: Do people sometimes wear baggies? AND FOR capri tights, is there padding underneath or do I need separated bike shorts for capris? Thanks so much and God bless!!


What was the event that caused the water to emanate from the abandoned property? I can't imagine that there was water service turned on at an abandoned house because they would be getting monthly minimum bills anyway. So probably a burst pipe is not the problem? If you can tell us what the source of the water was, it would help answer better.
The best leak detector is dye you can get it in red or day glo green at least those are the colors we use. For the heat my guess if the radiator is full is your heater control valve is stuck and for only blowing out the AC vents your door panels are not closing this could be vacuum leak causing this.

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