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Breastfeeding with Nipple Shield, keeps falling off?

I have had to revert to a nipple shield because of serious latch on problems with my newborn, and my lactation consultant just told me to wet the back of it to get it to stick to me, but it still falls off, or tries to attach to my baby's face. Is there any kind of trick to keeping this thing on? Or is it just something I'll have to deal with?


I'd take some scrap silver and test a couple of different varnishes to see what gives the best protection, and doesn't alter the color of the resin itself. Pretty much you just need to form a lining between the metal and your resinit doesn't matter how you do it. Also, consider trying a couple of different resinssome formulations may discolor more than others.
Sure you can if you don't mind paying extravagant sums of money for capped service and tons of lag. Edit: Then let me clarify. Data plans are extremely expensive and usually have capped service. If you get a 5 gig plan, you'll use that up watching 4 hours of tv or streaming video. The lag will most likely be unbearable unless you live next door to the cell tower. If you go over, you'll either be charged a fortune for the overage or you'll be cut off until the next months service. 85 bucks a month for cable tv and internet is actually very reasonable.

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