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Broke my windshield wipers - how much will it cost to fix/can I fix it myself?

I drive a 98 Honda CR-V and accidentally left the wipers on when I shut the car off. Came back and started up the car to warm it up and the wipers went off and tried to push the snow off of the windshield - now the driver‘s side wiper doesn‘t work. It twitches a little bit but won‘t move at all. How much will this cost to repair (I am in Massachusetts) and is it possible to fix myself? I‘m not even entirely sure what is broken.


hmmm, wipers are about 3-20 dollars. sometimes its just a loose screw, which happened to me in an ice storm, check the screws. its not going to be very expensive either way since its not a mechanical issue.
Windshield Wiper Replacement Cost
Everybody says buy new blades, right ? Well lets see if we can fix the problem first. Go to the spot where the wiper arm is mounted to the car, lift the plastic cover off and you should see a nut holding down the wiper arm. Usually 12 mm could be 13mm , take it off, and lift the wiper arm all the way back. ( 90 o to the windshield) There should be grooves running lenghtwise on the shaft part that is tapered. Wipe those clean with a rag or wire brush. NOT your fingers. Spray oil helps loosen the pieces. Try and clean the hole on the wiper arm. Chances are the grooves on the arm are now being scraped off the shaft. Its a kind of safety so you dont burn out the motor in case of what just happened. A new arm would be the best bet $15-40 most jobbers. But in a pinch just wrap a small piece of aluminum foil 3/8 x 3/4 around the splined section of the shaft and reinstall the old arm , make sure that the wipers are ' Parked ' before putting it together, leave the arm up when you first test it. Remember to remove the tin foil when you put the new arm on. This is only a quick fix and may well last years, but I make no such claim. Fix it right and get a new arm
i agree with Ben gazzi- only use a cement chisel and carefully remove the cement around the pipe, then solder on a union.

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