bunsen burner question?

what should you immediately do when the gas hose catches on fire? details


Finding the right sized bulk heads is a pain. I know this isn't the best answer there is though what I had to do was take a piece of paper, set it against the hole, shade with pencil so you have the exact size of the hole and go to a saltwater specialty shop and match up the proper bulk heads. A little secret, most people just get pvc pipe fittings with some neoprene on the inside tank side and tighten these. I personally have bulkheads on most of my tanks though I'm drilling a lot more of them soon and I'm just going to go w/ pvc fittings tightened against the glass with some neoprene or other washer type material on the inside.
you know if you run your mind there are no certain brushes for it. you could try berger plastic emultions.

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