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Cages on helmets soon?

With their being focus on head injuries in the NHL, and the growing popularity of face shields, is it long before we see face shields mandatory, and then after that the NHL requiring full face sheilds like in junior hockey?


Mine contains a fire extinguisher, flares, compass, bug repellent, first aid stuff (bandages, ointment, cleaner, etc), a blanket for cold, a poncho for rain, a couple of flashlights, spare batteries, some cash, a whistle, a hat, a knife (combination one for multiple uses), some aspirin, antihistamine (for bug bites), some alcohol wipes, matches (the waterproof kind) and a good book. Oh, and a handheld GPS (one that could be used for hiking). Pretty much what you'd need to survive for a few days if in a crash, or used for signalling, putting out a fire, etc.
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