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Can hot lights and steam cause a false alarm in a smoke detector?

Our smoke detector is installed on the ceiling right in front of our bathroom (not us, it was like that when we moved in). Recently, I bought new light bulbs for the bathroom (6 in a row over the mirror) and they seem to throw a little more heat than the previous bulbs did. Ever since we've installed the new light bulbs, every time we get out of the shower and open the door to the bathroom the smoke detector goes off. Is the smoke detector toast? (it's 5 years old) or is the steam and the heat from the bulbs causing it to go off?


Typically there is a pressure tank inside filled with gas (there could be argon, it just says inert gas on the label usually) and then the rest of the extinguisher will be full of water (class A), foam-making chemicals (class AB), baking soda (class BC), or (most common) mono-ammonium phosphate (a dry powder) (class ABC). There are also extinguishers with a cone shaped nozzle that are completely full of pressurised Halon or Carbon Dioxide (Halon is being phased out due to its environmental impact) A large silver one is likely water or foam, and the other types (including the most common ABC) are usually red or white.
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