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Can I fix my Dune Buggy Wheel Axle?

Acouple of days ago I was riding my Dune Buggy, and the left front wheel broke off. The big bolt in the middle of the wheel that goes to the axle completly broke, also the brake line. Is there anyway I can get it fixed? and if there is how or where would I take it.


if it's 2 wheel drive you might just need a new hub, go to any parts store tell em what you got and they should have one in stock or deliverable. if its 4 wheel drive you would either have a straight axle or an ifs axle (independent front axle) and there's a bunch of stuff that could be wrong. i would take your buggy to a rear diff shop to let them look at it and tell you exactly whats needed to fix. its hard to say without being able to look at it
May 28, 2018
You might be able to get away with replacing just the bad section but if you can afford replace all of it. Most muffler shops will give you free inspection.
May 28, 2018

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