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Can I get money for copper pipes and wire somehow?

Old or new, and where would I go to turn it in for money if so?


Contact a recycling center. The wiring is worth more without the plastic coating on the outside of it. Be cautious how you remove it; recently a fire in Brooklyn was caused by someone burning the plastic coating off of copper wire which was the biggest fire in the past 10 years aside from 9/11.
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I am sure you can make a good deal of money for copper pipes and wires. Probably your best bet for selling the old pipe and wire would be to try to sell it to a scrapyard or recycling center. For the new copper pipes and wires, you could approach a plumbing supply store to sell the pipes and an electrical supply store to sell the wires. You may have to approach many stores before you find a buyer. Good luck. Mr Merchant
Yes you can, find a local recycling scrap yard in your area. The amount of money you are paid depends on the grade of the copper, copper pipes will bring a little less than copper wiring. Take the plastic sheath off of the wiring first, it's best to do this with a razor blade laying the wire on a board being extremely careful! I would not suggest burning it. That is a fast way yes, but it degrades the copper and makes it less valuable. My husband just bought several spools of wire at a garage sell for 10 bucks, spent a week stripping it in his spare time and just sold it to the recycling center fot 173 bucks. Not bad.
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