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Can I sew together a rug?

My dog ripped up the rug and I was wondering if I could sew it back together or stitch it or something. Is that possible?He's ripped it up pretty good, the tears are 2-5 inches long, and half an inch wide at the most. Any help is greatly appreciated!Thanks in advance.


You might want to try patching it. find a piece that matches you rug cut out the bad spot cut your patch go to the local hardware store flooring department get some carpet tape put the tape on the bottom of the rug, run your iron over the top the heat will melt the tape glue to your rug good as new. IF YOU CAN FIND A PATCH, other wise you can sew the rug just do it from the back with a strong thread
Aug 23, 2017
Is this rug like a throw rug or is it like carpet? Either way you can sew them. If it is carpet, attached to the floor, then cut a small piece from behind a door or inside of a closet. Use that to replace the damaged part by sewing it in. You can make a carpet needle by holding a large needle over the flame on your stove using a pair of pliers. With a second pair of pliers bend the needle into a half circle. Let it cool before touching it of course. Then just sew the piece into the damaged area. I've had to do that many a time with my puppies.
Aug 23, 2017

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