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Can I use a BMX axle on my mountain bike to put pegs on it?

I just ordered a fairly cheap mountain bike - 26 Mens‘ NEXT PowerX Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike - and I want to put pegs on it. The pegs I have aren‘t the screw-on pegs; you take the nut off the axle, slide the pegs on, put the nut inside the peg, and tighten it.My concern was that the axles wouldn‘t be strong enough to support a 155lb me and wouldn‘t be long enough to put the pegs on. I read somewhere that you can replace mountain bike axles with BMX axles - if I did that, would I be able to put the pegs on and have it hold my weight (for tricks)?


No, you can't replace a multispeed rear axle with a single speed BMX axle. It is too short. Even the screw-on type pegs should have an axle nut inside to avoid movement of the rear wheel which eventually happens with use. On top of that it is dollars to donuts that the BMX axle is a different diameter. this would either prevent the axle from going through the hub or have the incorrect bearing cones. EDIT: Your bike has vertical rear dropouts (the rear fork on the frame that holds the axle). DO NOT PUT PEGS ON THIS BIKE. Placing any downward pressure on the axle will cause the wheel to pop out of the frame and put some hurtin' on the person unfortunate enough to be there.
May 28, 2018
Pegs on a mtn bike is a great way to get hurt, keep them on bmx or other bikes that will never be used off road.
May 28, 2018

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