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can magnets pass through rubber?

would magnets attract to eachother through a sheet of rubber? would it weaken the force? it seems like strong magnets would pass through a very thin sheet.


If your dad grounded you and put a lock on the computer there is no secret compartment that you can open to give you access. However, if you need to use a computer, your library should have some and there are internet cafés that you might be able to go to. In the meantime maybe talking with your parents might lift your ban. Good luck
I'd try everything to make the alarm go off again. Make sure you cover everything - like are you sure there was no wood smoldering anywhere. At least you have alarms, and if they go off again at least you can turn everything off and be OK. Once you've located the source (and sorry if this is stating the obvious) but drive your car forwards into the garage rather than reverse in (if you weren't already). Maybe also, if you can get hold of a few CO alarms you can place one next to each suspected source. Then, probably the one that goes off first and/or has the highest reading should indicate where the CO is coming from.

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