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can't find "remote access"?

I gave someone my E-mail add and now they have ability to add to my calandar even though I have only the first check box checked under options for calander and no &friends& on my access listthe second checkbox lets &special friends& modify your calander but that's not what I have checked offthe yahoo browser help chat line people say they can't do anything because I have my comp set for remote access and I forgot where it is that you change that settinghelp !!!


They give you enough warning to get out of your house before you die.
Not harmful if 1. wear eye goggles 2. ear plugs if the saw is loud 3. learn the proper safe way to handle the saw. 4. wear a dust mask 5. understand the nature of wood and the proper way to cut. Otherwise, the saw itself is simply an electric motor.

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