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Can you change a differential without changing the whole rear axle?

until earlier today i thought that the differential was a perminanent part of the rear axle assembly, and then i saw that there are lsd differentials available for my 96 camaro. do these all change the whole axle, or the gearing inside the axle? i guess it doesnt matter for me really, because im just gonna get a used z28 rear end for the lsd and disc brakes if i do anything but id still like to know! thanks in advance!


The rear axle assembly is made up of alot of parts, thats all removeable The differential is the center part of rear axle assy It's made up of the carrier, carrier bearings, spider/axle gears, ring and pinion gears, pinion cross shaft, etc. The limited slip units you are seeing just replaces the carrier inside of your rear axle assy. The LSD unit is a carrier. The carrier is also what the ring gear bolts on to. The ring and pinion gears is how you get diff ratios like 2.73, 3.08., 3.23, 3.42, 3.73, 4.10, etc. You can change all these parts around add a LSD carrier to yours or even a diff gear ratio BUT when it comes to the carrier and ring and pinion gears you have to be skilled at replacing those parts and have the needed tools to do it with. You cant just bolt it together and be done. You have to check and set back lash, pinion depth, ring gear contact pattern, bearing clearances, etc
May 28, 2018
Your motor vehicle can get replaced by skill of the Pinion and ring kit mixture. maximum suitable left to experienced professionals as a results of exacting tolerwences in contact. in case you alter out the enire rear axle be certain to BLEED the brakes, front additionally.
May 28, 2018
This (changing the internals of a differential) is not a simple bolt together operation! Pre-loading the gears right is a science in it's self. But it can be done by some one who knows what they are doing.
May 28, 2018

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