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Car Axle Question??????

I have looked all over the net for ths information but I can not find it.Does the CV Axle connect to the transmission in any way shape or form? The reason I am asking is because when I go into first gear then increase speed there is a grinding noise and also my mechanic told me the boot is broken on the CV Axle.Also I think its the CV Axle because I just had new clutch installed 500 miles ago it grips like crazy.


The front CV axle halfshafts plug into the transaxle which is connected to the transmission. You need to replace your front CV axle or axles. Make sure to have the front McPherson strut shocks and upper bearing isolators checked at the same time because all the labor to remove the axles is the same labor to install new strut suspension components.
May 28, 2018
Bobweb is right, give him best answer. But also, to be sure it is the CV joint, crawl under the car and grab both joints. The one that has a little play in it is bad. It will turn a little but it shouldn't wiggle back and forth. If neither one has a wiggle, you might still have a bad CV joint, it could just mean that it's not really bad yet, but don't contnue to drive on it, get it fixed.
May 28, 2018
yes it does. the axle goes up inside the transmission. it don,t sound like that though. it sounds more like the throwout bearing.
May 28, 2018

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