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Car DVD for a month suddenly did not read the disc

My car DVD about a month ago is still good to see DVD discs, open today do not read the disc, and even CD do not read, how is it?


DVD mechanical transmission parts failure or circuit failure, can not read the disk. Now we do car-free disc player, with the same function with the car DVD, including GPS navigation, Bluetooth, digital TV and all other DVD function, it's KTV VOD system can make up for the regret can not read the disc :)
The use of poor quality of the pirated disk, disc thickness is not standard or suppression of poor quality or disk, resulting in no data read.
Machine use time is too long, the laser head to read and write operations frequently, resulting in the aging of the laser head, the laser intensity is weakened, the reflected light is also weak, resulting in can not receive the reflected data back. So that the disk can not read.
The machine is used for too long, dust on the head of the laser, resulting in incorrect reading of the data.

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