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Car guys? Need help with car alarm?

I have a 99 Dodge Neon and I bought it used. I don't think the alarm in it is factory.I went to start it after it sat for a while and the alarm started going off, and the car wouldn't start. Wouldn't even try.The only way to make the alarm stop was to unplug the speaker with the alarm. The battery eventually died but a few days ago I went checking around.I found a small switch and a small black button wayy underneath my dash on the left had side close to the pedals. Is this the alarm buttons?Also, if it's not the button to disable the alarm, how would I go about removing it from the car so I can start it again?Thanks


Well, , you might get some ideas there. You are on your own as far as the cart/train goes. Not sure what one could devise for that.
It depends where you are. Prices are different all over the world. Find one or two scrap metal dealers in your local area (use google, or the yellow pages telephone directory) and get their prices.

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