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Car phone chargers draining the battery?

I need a car charger for my phone. My car battery gets drained by my current one when the engine isnt running. I need one that wont drain the battery when im not driving. Any Suggestions?


I have a follow up question. The outlet in my truck does not stop the flow of power as a receptical in my car does. If the charger is left in the receptical BUT is not connected to the phone or some other device, does it REALLY draw any power away from the battery?
No only if you charge things whilst the engine is switched off .a car battery is charged by the alternator while the engine is running using additional items will not use more power than can be charged so as long as your battery is in good condition there should be no problem.A car battery lasts 3 to 5 years then needs replacing
A car battery cannot be drained by a phone charger, except if left on for days. A typical 5V, 0.7A phone charger draws 5*0.7 3.5W. Add some inefficiency and make that 6W, which at 12V amounts to 0.5A. An average car battery having a capacity of about 60Ah can provide 6A for 10 hours or 0.5A for 120 hrs (5 days). So either your car battery is weak or the phone charger is defective. Check both and use the phone charger for limited time in the car.

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