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celebrities to preform at my party?

I really wanted to have britney spears preform at my party since it is quot;circusquot; theme, but she is on tour and it is really expensive to book her to preform.....so who should i have preform at my party?????


akon would cost probably about a million, hayden would cost in the high hundred thousands. Support your local high school bands. They're usually some of the sweetest, coolest, and nicest guys/sometimes girls ever. (and they will probably play for under $100) :]
It depends on how much you're willing to splash out on someone to even show up, nevermind perform....
no one. save the money in case your parents lose their jobs lol. parties are fine without live performances ew for sure dont get akon he is a straight up *sshole who assaults people
Wow, you do know it's over $10,000 just for them to show, right? What, are you Bill Gates daughter? Well, your party sounds like it's going to be really awesome so I guess you have to have good music. Hayden Panettiere or Rhianna is good, if you want a band you should get Coldplay! Good luck and happy birthday!!
Why Hayden ?! .....Akon is a good choice. Also; Lady Gaga is great for parties.

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