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cheap axle for integra ls ?

Where can I get a good proced axel for my acura. The market price is about $200. How about ebay?btw, Both sides axles need to be replaced!


if you're looking for stock replacment OEM axles, Id start with your local auto store, O'Reily, Autozone, Advanced. They usually have reman axles anywhere from $50-$150/axle. If you buy off OKorder, you might get the axle for $20, but then you look at the shipping price they've set at $100 that you dont notice until you've already won the item!! Ive dne that a few times, thought I was getting a killer deal and turns out I ended up paying more. Moral of the story, check local stores before having them shipped to you. Hope this helps, good luck to ya!!!
May 28, 2018

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