Name 3 properties of metals and define each.


It falls under the metal umbrella. It utilizes metal elements. It is metal Metal in its pure form? No, but it is metal nonetheless Most people who say it's not METAL! m/fapfapfap are metal elitists with a limited scope on music to begin with. A lot of people who 'hate' Nu metal are basing their opinions off a handful of bands. Now, tbh, I don't really care for Nu metal myself. @Matt - I said 'most', not all. I'm sure there are exceptions
Now I do think that Nu Metal should not be a Metal sub-genre. However, contrary to what a previous answer said, I do not have a limited scope on music. I listen to metal, I listen to classical (yes, orchestral), I listen to rock, and rap but only from the 90s. Just because it utilizes some characteristics of metal doesn't mean that it is metal. I've heard rap songs that take bits of rock songs and put them in the music. For instance, the Run DMC version of Walk This Way. By that logic, any rap song that did this would classify as rock, because it is taking something from a rock song. Also, I don't care much for Metallica and I absolutely despise Slayer.
I never really got why people hate different genres of metal and then take it personally when someone doesn't like what they like. It's all childish. It's as if they don't want a variety of music. Can you imagine if all the greatest rock n roll musicians listened to what others said when they were starting bands? There wouldn't be rock or metal. Music would be so bland.
Definitely not a metalhead but I get why metalheads look down on nu-metal. In many respects it's completely at odds with the ethos of metal. I'm sure Linkin Park's guitarist is a skilled player but the parts he's playing in that band could be played by Taylor Swift in her sleep. I joke that they were originally created as a boy band like N'sync but their sound guy was deaf and turned the guitars up too loud. It's not far from the truth. Most of their hits are cliché pop songs with loud guitar. Most nu-metal suffers this problem. But it sells megabucks to angsty teenagers. Smart.
I think people should really stop arguing about what is metal and what is not. Nu metal is a fusion genre which fuses metal, hip hop, grunge, electronic etc. and I think it should not be classified as anything except for nu metal. However, what I really dislike is that some elitists start to say that subgenres such as gothic metal or industrial metal are not metal which starts to get pretty annoying. I think people should really stop caring about that and instead just listen to the music. In the past (at least where I live) no one cared whether a band is nu metal or thrash, doom , death, black, gothic, etc. metal. All of the bands performed at the same festivals and people had lots of fun, without the whole metal vs. not metal argument. Also, I don't understand why are people so embarassed when they find out that a genre of a band is not metal. I mean, just because it's not metal, it does not automatically mean that it sucks.

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