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childrens clothes safety?

when making a summer top for the 5-8 year old boys range what would you need to consider?can someone help me?and explain in more detail how it needs to bedurable, stain resistant, non flammable, comftable,etc and anymore you can think of?


Never heard of a light box. I am going to guess it is the same as a still alarm, the lowest grade in my city. STILL ALARM 2 Engines, 2 Trucks, 1 Battalion Chief.The term Box alarm came from the fact that before telephones upright citizens where given keys to fire alarm and police boxes. When they opened the door and pulled a lever a ticker tape code was sent to the central alarm office for dispatch also by ticker tape. When a box was pulled the fire department felt that it was a legitimate call since a limited number of keys were distributed. Currently a box is called by responding firefighters when they get to a scene or when police call in the legitimacy of the fire and a description. this is what is sent on a: BOX ALARM 4 Engines, 2 Trucks, 1 Tower Ladder, 1 Squad, 3 Battalion Chiefs, 1 Deputy District Chief, 1 Command Van, 1 Ambulance, 1 OFI Car, 1 EMS Field Officer.
Lightning rods do not attract lightning. They are designed to bleed charged particles from the structure they protect into the atmosphere. That way, excess charge does not accumulate on the structure which would attract lightning. This is a continual and gradual process of charged particles escaping from the structure through the lightning rod into the atmosphere. The lightning rod is not designed to be able to conduct a direct lightning strike to ground through the rod and only functions to keep charge from building up on the protected structure that might attract lightning.

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