classic problem?

A traveling salesman (selling shoes) stops at a farm in the MidwestBefore he could knock on the door, he noticed an old truck on fireHe rushed over and pulled a young lady out of the flaming truckFarmer Crane came out and gratefully thanked the traveling salesman for saving his daughter's lifeMrCrane insisted on giving the man an award for his heroism.So, the salesman said,quot;If you insist,I do not want muchGet your checkerboard and place one grain of wheat on the first squareThen place two grains of wheat on the next squareThen place four grains on the third squareContinue thus until all 64 squares are covered with grains of wheat.quot; As he had just harvested his wheat, MrCrane did not consider this much of an award, but soon he realized he made a miscalculation on the amount of wheat involved.A) How much wheat would MrCrane have to put on the 24th square? Show your work.B) how much grain with only 24 squares?C) How much 64 squares,give scientific notation


A2^x power 2^23 power, if we consider the first square as 0 B2^23 + 2^22 +2^21C2^63, same as b only with 63

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