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Cleaning a large white rug?

This rug has been in my room for at least ten years and it has never been cleaned. I don't have access to expensive supplies so I'll need to know how to do it myself with out steam `cleaners or anything else... I have heard of using oxyclean which I do have but I'd need instuctions. (this rug is VERY large... 10' by 13'). Thank youDanielle


For a rug this large, I suggest using either a foaming cleaner, like Woolite Spray Foam Carpet cleaner or a dry granule cleaner like Capture or Resolve. The both types of cleaners are a simple application. Just spray on the foam, agitate with a brush to work into the fibers, allow to dry and vacuum up. Dry granule, sprinkle on surface and work into the fiber with a brush and let dry, then vacuum. If you have spots or stains, just work either into it with a brush. I like the Woolite because it also contains a scotch guard that leaves a stain repellent and makes cleaning up spills easier without staining.
Aug 23, 2017

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