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Computer desk chairs not comfortable?

Ok, Is the seat you're in now need a new cushion? Well, mine does. Can you order replacement cushions only? A lot of people I know just throw their whole chair away and buy new....what a waste.


wise up Centurion!
funky kitchen chair...major back pain
This cheap one I got from walmart is terrible. Looks comfortable but it's not. There's one at work that's amazing. Firm but comfortable. The cadillac of chairs. Probably costs thousands of dollars, that's how office furniture is. You can probably get anything reupholstered if you want to pay for that.
my badonkadonk hurts right now! I am sitting in a wingback chair that was bought as part of our living room set...and not a wise choice...my sister picked the place and the couch and I picked this chair because I liked the way it looked ...now my habonkus is paying the price for cheap furniture... live and learn... I do want to buy a computer chair but there isn't enough room in here... you can buy custom cut pieces of foam from some furniture repair shops and I have seen amatuers do a decent job recovering a chair seat...worth a try...

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