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Confused between top-loader detergent and HE detergent.?

So I bought several bottles of laundry detergent to donate to my local SPCA. They smelled good and I decided I'd like to keep a bottle to try for myself, but I noticed there is an HE (high efficiency) symbol on the front, along with quot;for ALL front and top loadersquot;. I looked online and the description says HE ERA PRODUCTS ARE SAFE FOR USE IN ALL WASHING MACHINES. This is the soap in question:


you can use HE detergents in regular washers but not vice versa. HE is high efficiency detergent with a lower sudsing ratio.
You can use HE detergent in a top loader, any kind of top loader. But, because top loaders have more water in them, you have to use more detergent than you would in a front loader. Twice as much. Look on the back of the bottle. There should be amounts given for each type of washer. I've been using HE detergent in my ordinary top loader for some years now. You don't even need as much as the directions say, either, unless the clothes are very dirty. I usually use only as much as they say to use for an HE washer, half as much as the bottle says, and my clothes come out fine

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