Corn Stoves?

Are they worth it guess is that using 3 bushels a day at $3 a bushel for 3 months could cost $800.with a 1200 sqfoot house the same heating might be $800 or so.Am I wrong? Has anyone seen a decent scientific evaluation or a non-company site?


I live in Southern Iowa, I have a neighbor who has oneWhen I have went to town with him to get corn he gets around 3000 pounds at a time, and goes about 4 timesI have not went along each timeIn a cold Minnesota winter the stove would not completely heat the houseSo you would need to run your alternative heat alsoEarlier this year corn was around $1.60 a bushel, now it is up over $3.00 a bushelI think for a farmer who has his own corn it may be a fair inverstmentI think for someone who needs to drive to an elevator to buy it and pay the gas round trip, plus put up with rodents who will eventually zero in on your stored corn then I don't think it is that good of an investmentMaybe once they come down in price and get to be more effiecient then again I think it may be something to look into.

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