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Cost of fixing/replacing an axle?

I‘m considering purchasing a 89/90 210 blazer (I can‘t remember the exact year), the only thing wrong with it is that the front axle is cracked. I‘ve decided that if I get this truck I will have it repaired and/or replaced, but I don‘t know what the cost will be. I will be calling mechanics in town to get definite answers tomorrow, but I was wondering if someone here could give me an estimate of what it would run me to get the work done :)Having the current owner fix it before purchase is not an option. He has stated a generously low price because of the need for repairs.


i can give you guess. it is just really heard cause just reading this i dont know what part needs replaced. so on the front axle the parts that break the most are cv shaft. now labor gets ya there cause they are like 100 bucks a peice. now if something in the middle ( trunk breaks ) it could be the spider gears and that would be around 400. now when i took my truck in last year cause my cv shafts are messed up for parts and labor it was going to be like 800. you could try driving it around the yard, when cv break lose like a worn out cv boot you will hear it clacking and sounding like crap you will no what it is or you can ask the owner what part is broke to ask mechanic for better estamet
May 28, 2018
it helps some but mostly how well the engine is tuned is the most important thing.
May 28, 2018

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