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cracked window/one smoke detector?

Me and my boyfriend rented an apartment during the summer but now its winter. We have a cracked window and its always very cold here and the bills are high now cause of it and since its cold we like to make a lot of food on the stove now and there's one smoke detector and its in our bedroom which is two rooms away from the kitchen and the landlord claims he had the apartment inspected before we moved in. Is a landlord allowed to rent out a place with cracked windows and only one smoke detector??


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To check your alarm; Ring the alarm company and say you will be testing and notify your neighbours of same. Get a pot and light some paper in it, blowing the flame out so you have smoke. Hold the pot up to a sensor and you should see the trip to active state. Test each sensor for trip and blow into each sensor to clear the smoke as you finish with it. Your sensors may reset automatically or you will have a switch to temporarily disconnect power for reset, it may be on the code pad. At this point your alarm should be screaming regardless of it being armed or not. A fire condition is a 24 hr cct. After resetting the alarm check the next smoke detector. Do all 4 then ring the alarm company and confirm they got an activation and a reset for each detector. If all is well, your alarm is in good condition and the sugar smoke content is the culprit. Perhaps it looked impressive but was not a ' fire '. Since you were able to enter the building and remove the pot this seems more likely. If you find your alarm does not work with proper smoke call the installer and ask why not. Your battery operated detectors should be replaced, 6 years is a long time. Since a good 9v costs around $9.00 and a new detector about $14.00, battery included, replace with new - every year. GL
They probably need to be rechecked or something. Reasonable answer.

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