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Cut and seal a copper pipe that is under pressure.?

I want to replace my kitchen sink and I live in a rental apartment. There are no shut off valves to any of the water fixtures in my apartment. They‘re either in the neighbor‘s apartment, a utility closet or in the basement. None of which I can access. Which leads me to this question: is there a tool that will cut a copper pipe THAT IS UNDER PRESSURE and seal it off at the same time?Thanks.


I'm going to say no. You could go to the main line outside at the meter and turn off the water to the whole building. You'd be looking at 30 to 60 minutes to get the pipe cut and a shut off valve installed under the sink, then you could take your time and finish the rest of the job.
The only thing I can think of is freezing the line using liquid CO2 and a collar around the pipe. There are some plumbers that use this, but I doubt that any would be willing to do this w/o management authorization.
no. i would think if you are replacing a sink the building owner would have to approve and assist you with getting the water turned off and back on. You have to drain a pipe to solder it and if it's a compression fitting you would have water squirting all over the place while you tried to attach it.

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