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Cutting saw blade milling cutter copper bar with what kind of good

Cutting saw blade milling cutter copper bar with what to cut copper


This question is currently on the market most use high-speed hacksaw blade / tungsten steel but with blade lubricating device.Of course, the market also use grinding wheel to cut.
The cutting blades of copper or recommend the use of tungsten steel, because the blade cutter uses: mainly used for iron, aluminum, copper processing groove or medium hard metal such as narrow and deep cut. Can also be used for plastic, wood and other non-metallic milling. Superhard material saw milling cutters and carbide saw cutters are mainly used for milling of hard cutting materials (heat-resistant steel, stainless steel and high strength steel). We must use stainless steel tank is tungsten steel blades, looking for is sharp
But including the HSS sheet is the use of life is not long. A few days ago, I saw cutting stainless steel tubes and stainless steel sealing strips with alloy saw blades in an auto processing plant. It is learned that the company has devoted a great deal of effort and time to developing this kind of saw blade for cutting stainless steel thin wood. The alloy head is 2 degrees harder than the regular alloy, and the service life is much higher than the regular stainless steel saw blade. The use of the manufacturers saw other customers were also good, of course, mainly to see the customer's equipment spindle precision and speed, because the previous equipment spindle precision and speed is not up to the requirements, customer requirements can be matched with the modification

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