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CV axle problem?

I have a Monte Carlo LS 3.1. I had the lower control arm on the passenger side replaced and a couple of days ago, I was turning into my apartments and all of a sudden my car made a jump and it wouldn‘t move. I got and I saw that my wheel was practically off, I mean the side of my car and my wheel, made a T shape, with the top of the t being the wheel. Thats what it looks like. Also, the bolt from the lower arm was missing so that‘s how it came out of place and my cv joint came apart and the green grease was everywhere. Anyways, I jus went out to crank it for the first time since I had it towed two days ago and the car cranks but it cuts off like 2 or 3 seconds after that. What‘s going on? Is it b/c my car‘s a front wheel drive and since the front is on one wheel and the engine isn‘t stable, the engine can‘t perform? Or is it something else? But what?


The engine shouldn't have anything to do with the front axle since if you're car is in neutral or park, the transmission should not engage. Something might have torn off when you got it towed so no idea.
May 28, 2018
hello there,im a mechanic for a local dealership.I think when you had your lower control arm replaced someone didnt put the lower ball joint in correctly.When you lost the lower balljoint it pulled the cv axel making it come apart.your starting problem could be a number of things,check for wires that might have been damaged the crank sensor is right on the front of the engine on the same side your wheel came off,so yes your starting problem could have resulted from your wheel coming off.If a garage fixed your control arm i would be giving them a call and ask them to fix it free of charge its not your fault.Hope this helps!
May 28, 2018
Sounds like the person who replaced the control arm has explaning to do! The right hand CV inner joint could have struck the oil pressure switch causing the fuel pump not to continue to run. In that case you have to look to see if the connector covered with green grease is intact. Also I have seen the back of the oil pressure switch broken off and oil pressure oil squirting out. Then don't try to drive or start it before the new switch is in place and connected up.
May 28, 2018

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