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CV axle replacement on 1996 Honda Accord LX?

Hi everyone I want to change my right cv axle(passenger side) on my car.I wondering what tools will I need and parts that I need to replace.Any procedure and tips will be much appreciated.Thanks


jack up car, - pull wheels, - take off brake caliper/pads/rotor - 32 or 36mm (or whatever the size axle nut it is, rent the socket from autozone) 1/2 socket and big braker bar for the axle nut (loosen only), have a friend basically stand on the brakes while you crank it loose. remember to un-notch the nut. -then, the upper balljoint and the tie end rods. take the bolts completely of and screw back in just a few treads. This part may require a pitman puller to get the ball joints loose. Usually a big ******* hammer (BFH) will knock it loose if you bang it from the side. - pull axle nut off and then drop the forks. pry bar at the inner axle and then pop the new one in. install is reverse process. -basic as that
May 28, 2018

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