dell laptops?

does it seem like small business laptops are better equipped and are cheaper than dell's home laptops?When checking them out, it always seems that way.


You generally find more computing power in the small business laptops.and more glitz and glam in the Home laptop style. They tend to have larger screens and look to replace older PC tower units.
small business are better equipped, generally, because the business world's needs, are more important, than lil Molly's math homework, and lil eric's 2 page essay ( from the corporate standpoint, anyway)
Dell has a small business line called Vostro. But Dell does charge for extras. You customize your own from the Dell website from scratch rather than buying a ready made unit from a store.
Yes, Dell probably doesn'tinclude a lot of software that is aimed at the home consumer, such as photo software or video editing programs. It appears that small business laptops are better equipped because they come with programs that you can actually use. Also, the components on small business laptops and home laptops are not always the same, so that may contribute to the price difference.

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