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diagram for 92 Roadmaster Rear axle?

I need a diagram so he can finish changing the rear seals


pull the rear-end cover-remove the 5/16th head bolt that keeps the spider-gear pin in-Remove the pin don't let the curved shims UNDER the spider gears slip out DONT turn the AXLES-PUSH the axle(s) in so the U shaped axle Retainers fall off or use a magnet 2 pull it or them out--[they look like a horseshoe] Pull the axle out check where the seal bearing ride--IF either one is groved bad(Which usally happens)U will need 2 replace either one or both--They make a replacement bearing seal Combination that can be used instead of having 2 buy an AxleBE sure 2 lube the NEW Seal inside where the axle rides so as NOT 2 burn up the seal put some grease on the new bearing so as it won't run dry untill the gear oil gets 2 the bearing.
May 28, 2018
placed up year mileage. this is towed on a flatbed. They'l merely drag it on or placed dollies decrease than the motionless wheels. you ought to take the rear wheels off for a greater advantageous view. be careful jacking.
May 28, 2018

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