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Diagram in problem sovling with mathematics?

most hrunkls lived in giant 12 story apartment houses and their homes were large square rooms bounded on four sides by corridorsEach room had a single door which opened halfway along the corridoron even numbered floors: the doors opened onto the east corridors and on odd numbered floors the doors opened onto the north corridoAt each intersection of corridors, there was something like an elevator which could be ridden up or downhalf of the corridors had moving belts on the floor, and no self respecting Hrunkla would walk if they could ride the beltsthere lazy so they did want to walk at all!!! The belts were so arranged that those on floors 1, 5 an 9 ran to the eastBelts 2,6 and 10 rant o the southBelts 3,7 and 11 ran to the west and those on the floors 4,8 and 12 ran to the northPlease describe how Hrunkla who lived on floor 10 could use these moving belts and elevators to visit a friend who lived in the room directly below his on floor 9.


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10 goes east out his door and is belted to elevator at the south east corner of his homeHe goes to the 11th floor, where he is belted to the elevator that runs at the south west corner of his houseHe goes to the 12th floor and is belted to the elevator at the north west cornerHe then goes down to the 9th floor and is immediately belted to the door on the north side of his friends houseThe only walking involves getting on and off belts and elevators
well it seems like you have to do a quantity value table

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