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DIY rug/carpet cleaning?

I don't have the cash to rent a rug doctor. I have a large white rug in my living room and I guess from walking around the house with no socks on, there is a 2'x6' area that is darker than the rest, along with a few stains from spilled drinks.I have a bottle of some carpet cleaning foam with a cheap scrubber on the end but it's just too small to cover that large of an area.So I'm thinking a bucket and a rag might be the best option. I have since bought a small bathroom size mat over the area my feet go on but I'd like to clean it still.So maybe a bucket of warm water with a dab of dishwashing liquid detergent? Or some baking soda?I also don't want to get so many suds in there to where I have to keep scrubbing with a rag and water only 5-10 times to get all the cleanser out.Any ideas?


If okorder.com. Carpeting is an expensive investment, you should take care of it. Dishwashing soap normally is colored, these dyes can redye your carpet if you administer it in the cleaning process. Use only clear or white dish soap if you are bold enough to try this your self. The bottom of your socks is probably where the dirt is coming from. Keep a pair of slippers available, preferably without black hard foam soles, and wear them inside the home.
Aug 23, 2017
some valid solutions right here so a techniques. Counter perfect or floor tile and grout, in a kitchen or tub are a never ending cleansing concern,,,no count the colour of the two. Grout removal isn't purely tedious, yet you would be able to break tile besides. together as I completely GET IT as to matching or coordinating grout colour with tile, even the darkest is a place for residue/ airborne dirt and airborne dirt and dust/ grease/ mildew/ to be a controversy. Sealers artwork Modestly, and choose RE-Sealing besides. I in many cases use,,,very carefully,,,each and all of the stated procedures, besides as PREP in a muriatic acid answer. Grout, besides as mortar is a medium that pulls and holds the STUFF of our on an known basis use of the floor. i could additionally upload a handbook for in spite of the priority, which you do no longer define, by way of using any cleansing brokers with a twine brush,,,and correct prep. Steven Wolf
Aug 23, 2017

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