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do all houses have copper pipes?

just wondering where would they be located?


Most new homes use PEX type piping for both water supply and heating. Previous homes used copper. And earlier homes used pipes that were galvanized.
No. Depending on the location of the home, what climate it's in, plumbers may opt out for using PCB (I think that's it) rather than copper due to it typically being cheaper. But in the typical home, copper pipes are anywhere where there's plumbing. After all they carry your water around your house.
Sounds to me like you want to go looking for copper to take from homes? The answer is NO.not all homes have copper pipes. Many use plastic only both to and from each fixture. Almost all homes today use plastic coming away from a fixture.some older homes used iron or even lead pipe for drains. If a home has copper pipes, a little is in the walls but most is under the flooring.

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