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Do Davids Bridal's veils have loops on the combs?

I'm getting married next weekend and don't yet have what hairstyle I am going to wear figured out yet. I have a veil but it is being kept at someone else's house (so the kids I watch don't find it and mess it up) and I don't remember if it has loops on the bottom of it. I'd like to wear my hair down and curly in a certain way, but I can only wear it down if I can put bobby pins through the loops to hold the veil in place.Just in case they do not have loops, I would not at all mind suggestions for other ways to style my hair (with a pearl comb somewhere in there). I have just barely shoulder length hair, so it's somewhat difficult to find styles that will work for my length.Thanks in advance for your help!


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Did you read up on the features of the helmet? - like opening the vents to get airflow thru the helmet? You can stop fogging by smearing shave creme on the Visor then buffing it off with a soft cloth.
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Good question. Like Guliani said, we never had any terrorist attacks under Bush's watch.
You never had it in the first place. 9/11 happened when Bush was President. These people were his oil buddies, and as long as we still buy oil from them the safety and security you believe continues to be an illusion.

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