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Do these sheets and rug match?

Im have these sheets with a solid comforter i like this rug a lot but does it match the sheets? please help


Very nice sheets, but the rug-link isn't there. The pattern on the sheets is so bold that I would be very hesitant to use pattern elsewhere in the room. I'd go with bold color in the room, maybe a pale cool pink on the walls, some throw pillows in cool pink magenta orange, and a small bright orange scatter rug on the floor beside the bed. Each pattern has it's own voice, and these sheets are lively and bold and have a strong voice. Too much pattern is like the difference between having one child in the room with you and working in a daycare. Bedrooms shouldn't be too visually distracting, seeing as we hope to fall asleep there.
Aug 23, 2017
made for each other
Aug 23, 2017

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