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Do you know any press release submission secrets that you're willing to share?

Learning about press release writing and submission. Hoping some of you gurus out there can help with a tip or secret. Thanks!


It tells of a new way of looking at press releases -- whereas the traditional way is for press releases to reach the media and get written about; now, press releases should be used to reach the buyers directly. According to the author, the new rules of press releases are: 1. Send press releases all the time. You don't need a big news to send out a press release.
^ great answers Mainly, try to be creative, these people get hundreds of press releases and you must try to make yours stand out, if you just send a regular folder with plain pages, that is not very impressive. Contact a Graphic Designer if you have the means to do it.
As a retired newspaper publisher, I have seen thousands of press releases over thirty-five years in the business. The ones that don't get pitched are the ones that really glitz it up with great graphics, and provide useful information. Indiana Beach in Monticello, Indiana used to send outstanding press releases complete with hard-hats, 'boggle' toys and even replicas of old Coca-Cola bottles, along with a comprehensive press package and a complimentary admission on a special day exclusively for members of the press. Now, they've apparently hired a new pr firm that's doing things on the cheap and their press releases hardly get noticed.-RKO-
if you didn't follow, the point is to make sure that there is only one h1 tag on each of your page. if you have one or more h1 tag, a large number of search engines won't the same as.
Encouraging the search engine bots get all of your pages, particularly if you have a huge site having 1000's of webpages, is very important. A sitemap is a page that features text links to all or any of the pages within your site. The sitemap also serves many purposes

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